Unexplained Signals From Outside Our Galaxy are Mystery for Astronomers

Unexplained Signals From Outside Our Galaxy are Mysery for Astronomers

We can assume that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations can appreciate the benefits of transmitting into space, as a good means of establishing communication with other intelligent alien life-form.

Humans are eager to learn about other alien civilizations and one way to contact other alien cultures is through interstellar signals. However, we should ask ourselves if transmitting radio messages into space pose a risk to human civilization?

Space is filled with sound that we cannot easily identify. It is a very complex task to determine what is of natural or artificial origin.

In July, 2012, an international team using the CSIRO Parkes 64metre radio telescope in Australia detected mysterious bursts of radio waves coming from billions of light years away.

The burst energetics indicate that they originate from an extreme astrophysical event involving relativistic objects such as neutron stars or black holes.

“A single burst of radio emission of unknown origin was detected outside our Galaxy about six years ago but no one was certain what it was or even if it was real, so we have spent the last four years searching for more of these explosive, short-duration radio bursts,” said Dan Thornton at the University of Manchester.

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